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What is the secret of the fascinating power of music?
Music surrounds us everywhere. At the sound of a powerful orchestral crescendo, tears come to my eyes and goosebumps run down my back. Musical accompaniment enhances the artistic expressiveness of…

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The best music producers of 2018
Tremendous frequency power
Hard rock sucks energy not only from a person, but also, for example, from geraniums. Ever since Luther Burbank, it has been known that music and sounds can influence vegetation.…

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Music secrets

I think no one will argue with me if I say that music is an art form. What is art? This is a reflection of reality, real life, special, imaginative means. One can argue that there are many definitions of art, but all of them in one way or another run into what is meant by real life. In any case, any kind of art has, like any science, its subject and method. The subject is the reality that art tries to express and cognize, and the method is the specific images that this art form uses. Moreover, as we note below, the method (image) is not arbitrary, it is a function of the object and somehow corresponds to it (the object). Continue reading

The power of music

Music is one of the most inspirational forms of art. With its rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, variety of sound combinations, colors and nuances, the music conveys an endless range of feelings and moods. Her strength lies in the fact that, bypassing the mind, it directly penetrates into the soul, into the subconscious and creates a person’s mood. According to its content, music can evoke the most sublime and noble feelings in a person, promote, for example, a prayerful mood, or, on the contrary, can evoke the most sinful and dark desires. Continue reading

Sw in dance music

Somehow I thought about one thing: sometimes one bass, a drummer and a pair of cymbals are enough to make people want to twitch from this primitiveness! Why it happens? What is the reason? In the process of studying this phenomenon, the theory of kacha was born, about which a series of articles is devoted. I can’t vouch that after reading them, your compositions will become hits, but I would be happy for that.
First of all, briefly about the theory of Kacha. Qual is a term coined by me that relates to drive. Kach can be part of the drive, but the drive can be without kacha. Qach first of all is a concept characterizing “dance”. Continue reading

Which track is better

In her famous quotation, the great Coco Chanel wanted to say that there are hobbies that capture the minds of society with a wave, but then quickly disappear. And there is something eternal that remains forever in people’s hearts and what each trend is guided by. This phrase is the best suited to our article on trends in the world of electronic music.
Speaking essentially, we wondered what the DJ would choose: the freshest track, which is likely to become a hit, but the DJ himself assesses him for a trip or a time-tested musical composition? Continue reading

Music in your head

Before modern neuroimaging techniques were developed, researchers studied the musical abilities of the brain, observing patients (including famous composers) with various disruptions in their activity due to injury or stroke. So, in 1933, the French composer Maurice Ravel developed symptoms of local brain degeneration, a disease that is accompanied by atrophy of certain sections of brain tissue. The composer’s mental abilities did not suffer: he remembered his old works and played scales well. But he could no longer compose music. Speaking about his alleged opera “Joan of Arc”, Ravel confessed: “Opera is in my head, I hear it, but I will never write it. It’s over. I am no longer able to compose music.” He died four years after an unsuccessful neurosurgical operation. The history of his illness gave rise to the idea among scientists that the brain is devoid of a specialized music center. Continue reading

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